Issues & Solutions

  • Former Kitsap elections manager fired.
    Ballot shortages in Arizona Primary The Kitsap Sun reports issue with former Kitsap election manager.
  • Why did you decide to run for Kitsap County Auditor?
    I decided to run after the Auditor’s office gerrymandered the boundaries of my City Council District. The Auditor exceeded the scope of authority for the office by doing this. Only the City Council can change the boundaries which govern where a district starts and stops. The Auditor did this without notification to the city or…
  • What are the three most significant issues facing the Kitsap County Auditor’s office?
    Credibility: A good leader takes responsibility for all actions of their employees, good, bad or indifferent. If mistakes are made the leader must own up to them not blame their staff.Accuracy: When it comes to voting and recording our documents there is no room for errors.Timeliness: It should not take 4-6 months to record a…
  • How will you increase voter participation in Kitsap County?
    be fair, free, transparent, and overseen in a non-partisan manner they will not participate. One way to raise voter confidence is to have an outside entity audit a random sampling of the ballots before the votes are certified. I-1505 initiative creates a framework for this process.
  • How will you assure your voters that their votes are secure and counted accurately?
    I recently participated in the state’s Logic and Data certification of our county ballot counting machines. It was interesting to observe the process. But the bar which was established is not high enough. There are security flaws which need to be addressed. Again I-1505 (random outside audit of the ballots prior to certification) is a…