Why did you decide to run for Kitsap County Auditor?

I decided to run after the Auditor’s office gerrymandered the boundaries of my City Council District. The Auditor exceeded the scope of authority for the office by doing this. Only the City Council can change the boundaries which govern where a district starts and stops. The Auditor did this without notification to the city or to the people that live in the neighborhood. I discovered this when I requested voter data from my district for my re-election. When I pointed out the error to the Auditor’s Office in June, I was dismissively told I was incorrect. However 6 days before the November election the Auditor claimed he had just discovered the mistake and was doing everything to fix it. I won my bid for re-election in spite of the egregious error. Then the Auditor petitioned the court to invalidate the results of the election and re-run it. Voter turnout for the February election was depressed. Government cannot be allowed to put its’ thumb on the scale to pick our leaders for us.